Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Stacked Birdies Watercolor Painting

Credit: Art Projects for Kids

Stacked Birds PDF Tutorial
Multimedia paper (I used white cardstock)
Black Sharpie marker
Crayons, Markers
Turquoise liquid watercolor paint

1. Hand out paper and have students put their name on the back. Have the students gently crease their paper to act as a guide (don't fold entirely).
2. Conduct a guided draw with pencil for the students based on the Stacked Birds PDF Tutorial (linked above and posted below).

3. Go over all pencil lines with a Sharpie.
4. Use crayons to add details to the birds - decorations, patterns, etc.
4. Use Crayola markers to color in the birds, grass and flower.
5. Using a paint brush and clean water, color over each bird, grass and flower.
6. Finish the project with turquoise liquid watercolor paint (a few drops on each page and then have students use lots of water to move the paint around their birds, flower and grass).