Art Lesson Plan Form

Art-a-Baloo ART LESSON PLAN is extremely important to the Art-a-Baloo program:

  • It gives the PTO and school administrators an account of what the program is doing
  • That same accounting helps back and re-enforce budgets requests, helps support budget increase inquires too!
  • It facilitate in supply and inventory issues
  • It helps re-create the 'art experience' for other students, in other classes, for years to come.
  • and lastly, it gives our visitors an idea of what the children are learning with the program and why it is so beneficial.    

The Art Lesson Plan  is located in the PTO office.  Please turn it in by emailing it to, or leave it in the Art-a-Baloo Folder in the PTO office and notifying the Art Docent Leaders it's there.  Also please be sure to notify Art Docents Leaders if you have NOT taken pictures of the projects, and email pictures if you have.


(This portion of the Lesson Plan hangs in the wall as an Art Gallery Description)

Title of Lesson:  This will be the “Blog Title”





Medium:  Main Product used...colored pencils, oil pastels, water color...etc.

Reason for Lesson:  A brief description of principle of art (or element of art ( is being taught...what is the goal.  example:  Lesson was designed to create an understanding of   line and space, using the artwork from the Master Matisse.
Lessons should include one of the Elements of Art: Color, Line, Shape, Form, Texture and Space, especially for the primary-age students.  For the intermediate-age students, lessons may be more advanced studying the Principles of Art: Movement, Unity, Harmony, Variety, Balance, Contract, Proportion, Pattern and Rhythm.

(This portion of the Lesson Plan is for program accountability)

Label:  Color, Line, Shape, Form, Texture and Space or Movement, Unity, Harmony, Variety, Balance, Contract, Proportion, Pattern and Rhythm

Prep Time:  What about time does to take to be project-ready for the classroom
Preparation prior to lesson:  What do you do to prepare for the lesson?
Class Time:  What is the time it took to teach the project, start to finish.  If it was a multi-day project, please let us know.

Materials:  List every item used for the lesson...this is important for assignment reproduction and really important for supply closet and program budgeting.

Instructions to Lead Lesson:  Step by step instructions, or a brief summary.  If you used
PC’s Powerpoint or Mac’s Keynote presentations and you wish to share, they may be added to the blog...however, older versions prior to 2010 do not transfer.

Credit:  Was it an Art Attack lesson from our Library, or an internet, or some other...let’s give credit to those who deserve it.

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