About AABC

Art is such an incredibly important part of child development.  Creativity, expression and confidence are all experienced in the act of art making.  

With school budgets sadly cutting out the expression of art, parents on the golden prairie in Spokane, have teamed together as docents in teaching little right-brained, warm-hearted, elementary school darlings concepts in art.  Our mission is to instruct and create art filled opportunities and experiences for our students, along with the help of our supportive teachers.

This blog offers grade specific projects, including instructions and student/teacher/parent feedback to be shared with others who wish to share this amazing program. Inspiration within this blog has come from many different resources within the art community.  When possible or when applicable, credit is given to those whose art we found this inspiration.

Please let us know what you think ~ wishing you an Artfully Beautiful Day! ~ (AABC) Art-a-Baloo Crew!